Coming Attractions!


We have many dogs in foster care that are undergoing medical treatment or are working on socialization, or just decompressing from the trauma of being lost and then found by strangers. 


Sometimes a potential adopter will see a dog on the hold list that they are interested in.   

Occasionally we will adopt out a hold animal to an approved adopter.  If you are willing to go the extra mile for your new family member it might be possible.  In some situations we absolutely cannot adopt out early.  We cannot adopt out a dog that has not been fully vaccinated or spayed/neutered.  Timing of these events is determined by four things: the dogs health, the dogs age, available vet appointments and funds available. 


Here's What You Do...

If you are interested in taking over a hold case and adopting early, your first step should be to fill out the adoption form.  Without this we do not set up meet and greets or move ahead in any way.  Being these animals are not available yet, this also shows you are seriously interested.  Also, please keep in mind that we are a all volunteer organization made up of families and indivduals with full time jobs.  Our responses may not be as timely as we would like them to be with limited resources and the adoptable dogs taking top priority.