Fostering Opportunities

Help save lives

Fosters are the backbone to a successful rescue. Foster homes are vital! They allow the pets to be in a home environment rather than a shelter, resulting in a more well-balanced and trained pet. Fostered animals transition much better into new forever homes. 


  1. A love for animals.
  2. Space in your home.
  3. A willingness to work in basic training to make a good pet.
  4. That's it! Gray Mutts will provide all medical! 

Interested but a little unsure if fostering will fit your lifestyle? How about being a dog sitter? Occasionally our fosters do take vacations or need to go out of town for family emergencies. When this happens our foster dogs need sitters until their parents return.  This is a really important way you can not only help out our rescue, but try on some foster shoes for size....temporarily. It's a win for everyone.  Follow the same steps for fostering and let us know you are interested in dog sitting.  We would love to have you.

Find our foster application here: