Urgent & Heartfelt Plea for a Miracle

Every dog is worth every effort we expend and more.

We currently have four dogs that came  to us from the same household. Like many others they find themselves homeless due to the death of their owner. This death is premature and unexpected. A beloved friend. 

Yes, sometimes we find ourselves facing a very personal situation. The heartache then is much bigger than the story we can all read and see. It touches you soul deep, in your own back yard.  

Being in rescue, we know the odds of placing these four siblings together is pretty much impossible.  But you know what? Impossible is the thing Gray Mutts seems to unintentionally challenge on a regular basis. 

And then came the email. Below please read the plea of a man who has lost his much loved father. 

"My name is Tayler Huddleston. My father died unexpectedly at 59, and as much as it breaks our hearts, my grandfather and I know we cannot care for his 4 beloved dogs; Riley, Ripley, Rose, and Reagan. Besides us, these little dogs were his every waking moment. He loved them so much, and did everything he could for them. In the one last thing I can do for them, I am trying to make them stay together forever. They loved my Dad endlessly, but without him, I am hoping that the one constant these little ones can know they always can count on is each other will be there, so they don't fear being alone like they were when he originally found them and promised to care for them forever. I don't want them to be scared and feel that pain, that uncertainty. I know it is a long shot, 4 dogs is a lot, but it would bring my family some peace during this dark time. We love them so, we always will, and it kills me that we have to let them go. I hope I don't fail them completely. If someone could find it in their hearts, their homes, to take them in and love them, treat them like the sweet angels they are, we would be eternally grateful. God Bless them, and God Bless you all. I know my Dad is still watching over them, so I know somehow they will be ok."

And we knew we would ask.  

So here we put out our plea for the miracle of an adopter that would be willing to adopt not one, but four little dogs that have lost their master.  

Its a HUGE request.  A request for a miracle.   And although our heads say its just not possible, our hearts say please show us again. Show us how big our community really is.

Thanks for making it through this long read. We appreciate every single one of you. The ones that adopt. The ones that donate time or money or supplies. The ones that share our post and spread the word. The ones that send up prayers and keep us covered when we call for warriors. Every one of you makes us what we are.