Our Sanctuary Dogs

Sanctuary and hospice is a big part of our mission and vision.  It's easy to be caught up in the cuteness that is a puppy needing a home.  Sadly, there is an even bigger need for end of life homes for old dogs.  Dogs that are discarded by owners that don't want "the trouble" of providing for their faithful companion when it is needed most.  Dogs that don't understand why they are suddenly lost and abandoned. Dogs in pain. Dogs with broken hearts.

Some of our sanctuary dogs we took on knowing exactly what we were getting into.  Other times we found out about a serious health issue only after taking the dog to the vet to be checked out.  Either way, our first choice is always to provide an old or ailing dog with a loving and supporitve end of life home.  

Medical needs for our beloved sanctuary dogs are ongoing until they cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Donations are always needed and so very appreciated.

This page is dedicated not only to these animals, but to the special fosters that take them in and love them with all that they are, knowing they only have a short time to do so. 

THIS is rescue.