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Chester is an amazing boy!! From his foster: Chester is an adorable, 3 year old goofball. I have fostered quite a few dogs and he is by far the most intelligent. He is half shepherd/half beagle and is every ounce of both. He is as athletic and coordinated as any shepherd, but in a fun sized beagle package. Chester is always happy to see me, and sometimes we sit outside and just hang out. He is a hair skittish of big men in hats at first (hes a rescue) but he warms right up after a bit of time.

He runs around all day outside and plays with our dogs. He loves balls and sticks. He also likes exploring. He is very athletic, so a fence is necessary for a dog like him. When we took him to Dogtopia, they mixed him in with every other dog, and they said they he was lovely.

We have been crate training him for three months, and he is taking to it. He has never pottied within the home or his crate and is crazy soft when he has his full coat. He is vaccinated, neutered, and currently on trifexis. Why deal with house training a puppy when the hard part is done! :D


If you adopt Chester, I match the adoption fees in a donation to Gray Mutts!

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About Us

Why we do what we do

In 2011, our founder adopted a senior Boston Terrier from a municipal shelter. She had a little over two wonderful years with him before he passed.  In that time, she became aware of the need for homes for senior pets in shelters.  Everyone wants the cute little puppy, but older dogs are overlooked. It's our purpose to show just what treasures the seniors can be. 

Changing their luck

Our mission is simple: to save dogs in need of homes. We rescue all breeds and ages, but our focus remains on the senior dogs. No dog should die in a shelter, and the oldsters that need a soft place to retire will find that here. Find Granny's  (pictured here) story here http://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Little-dog-in-hospice-dies-in-arms-of-local-foster-care-volunteer-387938482.html

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